The Reading Slump is Strong!

Hello people! I'm just dropping by to say that I'm going to take a break from posting reviews on this blog. And yes, the title says it all but I am also having some issues in regards to work. So, at the moment I'm planning to concentrate on work stuff and come back once everything... Continue Reading →

Author’s Echo- Junji Ito

Warning: Disturbing photos ahead. Hello there! Welcome to this month's Author's Echo, a post where I share with you some of my favorite phrases from a particular book and author. This month's spotlight is on Junji Ito, a Japanese mangaka popularly known for his supernatural horror manga. Since his main focus is on manga, instead... Continue Reading →

Book Review- Wideacre

Book: Wideacre by Philippa Gregory (Wideacre Trilogy #1) Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance, Adult Fiction, European literature Date of Publication:  April 1, 1987 Spoilers ahead! This is not my first time reading a book by Philippa Gregory, but this is the first one that I've read that doesn't involve the Tudors. So, I was really looking... Continue Reading →

Anime Chat – The Promised Neverland

Anime: The Promised Neverland/ 約束のネバーランド Genre: Dark Fantasy, Science Fiction, Thriller Episodes:  12 episodes Original run: January 19, 2019 Where to watch: Netflix Manga Status: Ongoing It has been a while since I reviewed an anime. The last one I reviewed was Devilman Crybaby. There are a ton of anime that I was interested to watch but most... Continue Reading →

Manga Review- The Works of Junji Ito

I was discreetly browsing Reddit one day when I first saw this image: As you expected, my first reaction was utter disgust combined with a nagging curiosity about the origin of the image. Based on a comment under that post, it was from the manga Uzumaki by Junji Ito. I didn't instantly jump to reading... Continue Reading →

Book Review- Coraline

Book: Coraline by Neil Gaiman Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction, Horror, Children Date of Publication: August 04, 2002   I have to say that I am a fan of the movie version of Coraline. I love it so much that I rewatch the movie at least twice in a year or more. Despite being a fan, I... Continue Reading →

Book Review- The Book of General Ignorance

Book: The Book of General Ignorance by John Lloyd and John Mitchinson Genre: Nonfiction, Reference, Humor, Trivia, Science Date of Publication: October 2006   This is probably the first nonfiction book that I will write a review on. I found my hardbound copy while browsing my go-to second-hand book haven; Booksale. To be honest, I thought that... Continue Reading →

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