January 2019 Plans

Wow! 2019 already? Welcome to my first TBR for the new year!

New year

To Read

For 2019 I only decided to put 30 books as my goal. I don’t want to pressure myself to read more than I know that I can possibly do. Let us see what will happen. I mean my 2018 result was awesome!

Screenshot from Dec2018

This month is a good mixture of a DNFed book, a book by a Filipino author and something I’ve been meaning to read since last year. I am also planning to listen to Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen this month, which is a first for me.

To Watch

This month I am planning on finishing the season two of Anne with an E, then jumped to another Netflix series. I am still in the process of choosing which one to check, so if you have any recommendations, please do leave them in the comments below! Aside from that, I am planning to watch the anime Cells at Work.

As for the movies, I think I’ll watch the rest of the holiday movies I had on my December list.

To Do

Aside from the plan of donating books to free up some shelf space, I am also planning to visit one museum this month. I am still not sure which one though. I am also planning to open an Etsy store this year, part of it is going back to one of my hobbies; drawing. If ever I improve in the span of this month, I’ll share some printables in this month’s Lookback! So wish me luck!

What about you? What is your reading plan this month, or any that you would like to accomplish?

That is it for now. I hope you’ll have an awesome start of the year. Thank you so much for reading and hopefully, you’ll stick with me again for another year of craziness. Cheers!


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