Anime Chat- Cells at Work!

Anime Title: Cells at Work! (はたらく細胞 )

Genre: Comedy, Action, Shonen

Episodes: 13 episodes + 1 OVA

Hello there! It has been a while since I watched an anime series. If I remember it correctly, the first time I saw this anime was because of a meme about scabs:


And with the help of the almighty Google-sama, I found where that loli came from.



The story takes place inside the human body, where trillions of anthropomorphic cells each do their job to keep the body healthy. The series largely focuses on two such cells; a rookie red blood cell, AE3803, who often gets lost during deliveries, and a relentless white blood cell, U-1146, who fights against any germs that invade the body. (Wikipedia)

We then follow AE3803 and the other cells as they encounter different types of germs and microorganisms that threaten the human body. Each episode will introduce you to a new type of cell and a type of disease, which they usually beat by the end of each episode. Except for the episode about cancer cell and the last 2 episodes.

Aside from the comedic timing and entertaining action scenes, this is quite informative as well. If you binge watches this, you might suffer from a bit of information overload. But I am sure you can handle it!

As for the characters, this is actually one of those anime with so many likable characters! I didn’t encounter any characters that annoyed me. Even the cancer cell is likable to some degree.



My rating for this anime is 5 out of 5 stars! I just like how entertaining each of the episodes in this anime is. I am recommending this to anyone who wants to watch something light and funny.

Have you watched this anime? What do you think?

Before I go, if you find the whole science part of this anime very interesting, you might like Dr. Hope’s Youtube videos about this. He explains in depth the things that are mentioned in each episode, which is really interesting! Here is the link to his Youtube playlist, if you want to check it out! Doctor reacts to Cells at Work!

Dr. Hope


That is it for today! Thank you so much for reading. As always, I’ll talk to you again on my next blog post!

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  1. I love shounen anime! I haven’t been watching anything lately because my son occupy most of my time and I know I’d binge watch if I see a complete series. Do Cells at Work have a kind of romance?

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