Anime Chat- Erased

Anime: Erased/ 僕だけがいない街/  Boku dake ga Inai Machi

Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Science Fiction

Episodes: 12

Original Run: January 8, 2016 March 25, 2016

Where to Watch: Netflix

This is one of the strings of anime that I wouldn’t know existed if Netflix hadn’t suggested it. Yes, I am thanking Netflix for suggesting this to me repeatedly after I watched that damn anime called Love and Lies.

The blurb instantly intrigued me, so the following weekend I decided to put down The Book Thief and went to binge-watching this anime.

The story introduced me to the manga artist/ pizza delivery guy named Satoru Fujinuma. He is a 29 years old guy with the ability called “Revival” that sends him back in time moments before an accident occurs. He decided to use this opportunity to prevent those accidents despite the chance that he might harm himself in the process. The night that his mother was murdered by an unknown assailant, Satoru’s ability sends him back eighteen years in the past in order to save not just his mother in the present but also the lives of the students that the unknown assailant also murdered.


This anime made me worried about every single decision that Satoru made throughout the story. Hoping that each decision will at least make a difference to the present time. I  like the flow of the story and each jump in time opens new possibilities. The only sad thing was that I really wish for a more intense ending than what was offered.

So if you are looking for a bit of a mystery in your anime, go ahead and watch this. Netflix also has a live-action version of this, so if you prefer that, go on ahead!

Did you watch this anime? What do you think?

Thank you so much for reading!

I’ll talk to you again next week!

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