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Manga Review- Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

Manga title: Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

Author: Izumi Tsubaki

Genre: romantic comedy

Original run: August 25, 2011 – ongoing

Volumes: 12 (at the time of writing this manga review)

I’ve already reviewed the anime version, so here is a link to it: Anime Chat- Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun

Please read that review before continuing with this one, so that you can have a gist of what the story is about.

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Apparently, this is a yonkoma manga or four-panel romantic comedy manga, which is easier to read for me, since I can go and just read a couple of panels a day and still enjoy it.

There are a ton of missing pages that didn’t make it to the anime version. Some are not that entertaining, or significant to the flow of the story in the anime since it focuses more on Chiyo and Nozaki’s “love story”, so it is understandable why it was removed. Although, I have to say that there are tons of pages that I really enjoyed. A perfect example are those pages about Ken-san and the other editors. It was quite funny and it was great to read more about Ken-san since he is rarely seen in the anime version. The rest of the story follows more of the slice of life genre since most of the time you are reading the character’s daily school grind, with some touches of romance and a huge dollop of stupidity here and there.

I also loved meeting new characters. I often hate multiple characters when I’m reading a novel but I do make exceptions when it comes to manga and anime since most of the time, each character has their own personality. Although, I have to admit that there are a couple of characters in this manga that kinda mirrors an existing character. An example of this might be Ryousuke Seo and Mikoshiba. I’m saying “might be” because, at the moment of writing, I just “met” Ryousuke four pages ago. SO, I still need to read more to access his characteristics, but my first impression is that. Also, Nozaki or Umetarou has a similar vibe with his brother Mayu.

Mayu Nozaki and Umetarou Nozaki

As a whole, this is an entertaining read, I am still catching up to it though because it seems that they are updating it on a weekly basis. (I think) If you are looking for something light-hearted, try reading this one!

That is all for now! To be honest with you, I only decided to read this manga because I am not in the mood to read Ruin and Rising. But, I will start reading it today since I want to post a review of it before March ends.

Thank you so much for reading. Keep safe! Talk to you soon!




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