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Hello there! Happy weekend. Yes, this is a book tag. I am currently in another one of those depressive episode where I don’t feel like reading and all I want to do is just sleep. I’m honestly surprised that I even managed to write this blog. I don’t want to bore you with my sad ranting, so moving on!

I read this book tag from The Bookish Mutant here on WordPress. I found this really interesting so I decided to do it. Also, don’t forget to check out Madeline of The Bookish Mutant’s Would You Rather? Book Tag.

Let’s begin!


  • Thank the nominator.
  • Answer the questions given to you by the nominator.
  • Make your own questions.
  • Tag others to join in on the fun!
  1. Would you rather change the cover of a book or change its synopsis?

I think I’d rather change a book cover than its synopsis. I can think of a couple of book that I liked but I hated the book covers. (Looking at you Philippa Gregory books)

2. Would you rather only read books by your favorite author, or be able to read books by any author, but only one per author?

Definitely reading a book by any author. As long as the book is not part of a series. It’ll be fun to read from different authors and discover new favorites!

3. Would you rather live in a sci-fi novel or a fantasy novel?

Probably, live in a fantasy novel. I am basing my answer on my game genre preference so, yes I do prefer fantasy world. And I will channel my inner Lady Sylvanas Windrunner.

4. Would you rather have dragons in our world, or know of the existence of a Fae realm?

For context, I haven’t read any book about the Fae realm. (I know, shocking!) So, I would of course choose dragons. This also leans on my answer for the previous question. Also, imagine taming baby dragons. I want my own Toothless.

5. Would you rather be in a love triangle or be the Chosen One?

This can some as surprising, but I think I would like to be part of a love triangle. Me ( a bi), a gay person and someone straight. I would like to see what will happen to that type of love story. Also, because I am sick of the whole Chosen One thing.

6. Would you rather have all book titles be three words, or only one word?

Three words. I would like to see how creative an author can be when it comes to word play. I think it’ll be more challenging and interesting than just choosing a word.

7. Would you rather have your favorite book be adapted into a film or adapted into a graphic novel?

Depends on the book but I think it’ll be best to do a graphic novel than a film. They usually cut a ton of the good stuff or add too much (in the case of A Monster Calls) when it comes to film adaptation. So, I think I like the idea of graphic novels more. Also, because I enjoy staring at the drawings.

8. Would you rather add a book to your favorite series, or subtract a book from it?

I don’t have a new favorite series so, I’m going with my childhood favorite; Harry Potter. I think it has a perfect number of books in the series. (Also, please suggest some new or old book series. I think I need a new favorite.)

9. Would you rather lose a copy of a book altogether or have it ruined/stained in some way?

I’d rather lose the book. I think it will pain me more to see a book ruined.

10. Would you rather change the plot or the characters of your favorite book?

In regards to Harry Potter, I think I will change the plot. Just make it a bit darker than what it is. Yes, killing more characters in the story because I want the readers to fear and hate Voldemort more. (I think I am now heavily influenced by George R.R. Martin)

My Questions for all the people I tagged and those who wants to do this tag:

  1. Would you rather read the book first or watch the movie first?
  2. Would you rather live in your favorite fictional world or have the characters live in the real world?
  3. Would you rather wait for a book series to be completed so that you can buy a book set or just buy one book at a time even though the books won’t match?
  4. Would you rather read a hype book or read a classic?
  5. Would you rather read a horror story or watch it?
  6. Would you rather DNF a book you don’t like or finish it and suffer? (Thinking of Vim)
  7. Would you rather live in Westeros or in Panem?
  8. Would you rather marry the villain of your favorite book or kill your favorite character?
  9. Would you rather read a long, good series or a standalone with a satisfying story/ending?
  10. Would you rather read fiction or non fiction?

I tag:

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And I also tag anyone who is interested!

That is it for now. Hopefully, I’ll get rid of my reading slump soon.

Thank you for reading. Keep safe and talk to you again next week!


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13 thoughts on “Would You Rather? Book Tag

  1. Good job on being able to write this post! I know how it feels to be stuck in a depressive episode and just not having the energy to get off the couch, even, so this is not at all sarcasm when I tell you that just this is an accomplishment!

    Love your answers! Definitely agree that I’d want to live in a fantasy world haha. Dragons, please. I don’t know what it is, but one-word titles sometimes annoy me. I agree with the uniqueness of three-word titles, at least. I feel like the one-word titles could get old after so long. xD Thanks for the tag! This one looks fun.

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    1. Thank you! It sucks to be stuck in this depressive episode for, I don’t really know how long. I agree with you, it felt like an accomplishment! hahaha I felt a bit better when I decided to finish and post this.

      Again thank you! And super yes to the dragons! hahaha

      One-word titles are boring sometimes! You’re welcome and I’m looking forward to your answers. πŸ˜€

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