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Book Review- 10 Blind Dates

Book: 10 Blind Dates by Ashley Elston

Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult, Romance, Holiday, Family

Date of Publication: October 1, 2019

Damn, it took me awhile to finally finish this book! I was originally planning to finish and post a book review by last Dec.05,2020 but December really hit me with a ton of things to do. I have to keep up with work, my family who wants to see le fiancé and I, and my friends who kept inviting me for coffee (para sa stickers besh) Don’t worry, we are armed with face masks, face shields and a bottle of alcohol during all that. My day offs which are usually dedicated to both reading and gaming was set aside for those social stuff and cleaning the house and other chores, I was genuinely tired.

So, I decided to squeeze in some reading on my boring work days. And I have to say, I loved this book for keeping me company during those boring work days at home. Before I continue, this is what this book is about:

Sophie wants one thing for Christmas-a little freedom from her overprotective parents. So when they decide to spend Christmas in South Louisiana with her very pregnant older sister, Sophie is looking forward to some much needed private (read: make-out) time with her long-term boyfriend, Griffin. Except it turns out that Griffin wants a little freedom from their relationship. Cue devastation.

Heartbroken, Sophie flees to her grandparents’ house, where the rest of her boisterous extended family is gathered for the holiday. That’s when her nonna devises a (not so) brilliant plan: Over the next ten days, Sophie will be set up on ten different blind dates by different family members. Like her sweet cousin Sara, who sets her up with a hot guy at an exclusive underground party. Or her crazy aunt Patrice, who signs Sophie up for a lead role in a living nativity. With a boy who barely reaches her shoulder. And a screaming baby.

When Griffin turns up unexpectedly and begs for a second chance, Sophie feels more confused than ever. Because maybe, just maybe, she’s started to have feelings for someone else . . . Someone who is definitely not available.

This is going to be the worst Christmas break ever… or is it? (Goodreads)

There is a ton of things going on in this book! A ton! And here I thought I was a busy bee. Each of Sophie’s date is different. From a mundane one to a date that will make you say WTF. Each chapter is full of holiday activities and bits of what is happening to Sophie’s older sister, Margot, who is about to have a baby and having a hard time. The flow of the story is consistent. Of course that ending is predictable. By the third date, you as a reader will have an idea of who Sophie will end up with, but I really enjoyed reading and the building suspense of when it will finally happen.

Aside from the dates, this book will give you a glimpse of what having a huge, joint family feels. It is tiring, overwhelming and fun. All of those is captured in this books which is making me miss my loud family. Despite having a bunch of characters, each one has their own quirks and personalities which is really nice to read.

Speaking of characters, the only boring one in this books is Sophie herself. I have to agree to her ex, she is not a fun person to hang out with. The only saving grace to her character lies with the people around her that brought her things to do and react to. I imagine if the author didn’t give her a big family, she will just sit around and mope.

I give this book a 3 out of 4 stars. I think part of the reason I liked this was because of the whole family aspect of it. Covid is still going strong and it is not advisable to have get togethers, and this book is helped me cope with it, especially this holiday season. If you are the type who like entertaining, cheesy and crazy family fun combined with bits of romance, you will like this book. If you are too uptight with the type of YA romance you like, this is not the book for you.

This year is such a heavy and depressing one and I am glad there are books like this one where you can just escape for awhile. Now on to the next holiday themed book.

Thank you so much for reading! Talk to you again on next week’s Top Ten Tuesday.

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  1. I so liked this book, im glad you liked it too !

    With much reflexion, i’d agree with you.. Sophie was maybe not the best of the MCs.. and I- too- missed my family that I once had (bunch of materialistics that got separated over fights). The family dynamic was really the best thing in this book!

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