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Game Review- Genshin Impact

Game: Genshin Impact

Developed by: MiHoYo

Genre: Adventure, Action, Role-Playing

Available on: Android, iOS, Windows, PS4 (also PS5 as of Nov. 2020 patch)

Price: Free

*Note: This review is written on Dec.30,2020. Some details might have changed by the time this review is posted

Hello! Welcome to the first game review post for 2021. I was not originally planning to review this game, because I genuinely thought that I will stop playing it after just a week.

The Main Characters Aether and Lumine.

The game starts by introducing you to a cutscene when the twins, Lumine and Aether, on their way to teleport to another world, was stopped by a unknown God. This is where the game let’s you choose which of the Traveler twins you would like to be. (I choosed Lumine) The Traveler you choose will be separated from their twin, lose her/his powers and is now trapped in the world of Teyvat. You will then meet a travelling companion, the tiny, annoying, floating Paimon who will help you look for your twin and teach you every thing you need to know about Teyvat and the game mechanics.

That is the premise of the whole game. Teyvat have seven nations. Each nation you will visit (at the time of writing this review we only have two; Mondstadt and Liyue) worships one of The Seven, a group of gods known as Archons who each preside over one of the seven nations. Each Archons is tied to a certain element which is usually reflected in their nations vibes. You will have to look for one of these Archon’s statue (Statue of the Seven) in the nation you are in, then resonate with whatever element said statue is associated to. Your traveler will then have the elemental ability of that Archon. You will follow each of the Archon’s Quest in order to find your twin. And of course, there are a bunch of other quests to do.

Statue of the Seven located in Mondstadt

Also, this is an open-world game so you can do whatever you like, from cooking, entering domains, killing mobs while you’re gathering ingredients for your cooking, glide, swim and climb. Kind of like in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild but make it more anime. So you can explore to your hearts content and level up your Adventure Rank in order to unlock more quests and challenges. Raising your Adventure Rank will also increase your World Level which means tougher mobs and scarier bosses. also better item and artifacts drops.

You can have four characters in your party which you can control one at a time. This is completely up to you which one you prefer. You can mix and match the characters based on the domain and bosses you are battling.

An example of a party.

The only problem is, most of the “good” characters are lock behind a gacha mechanic. I personally have terrible luck in this stupid gacha wish. I am currently playing on a second account and I am still not lucky when it comes to pulling a character. I am just happy that I finally got my first five star character who is Zhongli. I like him and his deep voice, but I am also just happy that I finally have a Geo element character other than Traveler(Lumine), who I have to go back and forth from Mondstadt and Liyue just for me to change her element from Anemo to Geo and vice versa. The struggle was real. Yes, there is a teleport system but it was such a hassle.

The Main Character Lumine in Geo and Anemo version.

So far, I am slowly getting tired of this game. In a sense that there is so many grinding to do. I am not saying tired in a bad way, just tiring because this game can easily eat up your time. You have to grind to level up your character’s Adventure Rank, that is besides the grind you have to do to obtain the items and mora (Teyvat currency) you need level up each of the characters in your party. That is besides the grinding you have to do to improve and level up your character’s weapons, artifacts and talents. Which can be obtained inside different domains sprinkled all over Teyvat. That is for one character and you have four in your party. You can just level up your main DPS then take care of the others later, which is what other players will also advice you to do.

The characters I managed to unlock (so far) Lumine is also a 5 star character.

The only thing I am enjoying in this game is the Co-Op mode. Me, le fiancé and two of our other friends play this game on Co-Op as much as possible. I really enjoy battling bosses with them. Battling weekly bosses and the normal bosses can be both fun and frustrating at times, but at least I can share the pain with my friends. Also, without my friends, I wouldn’t even remember grinding domains for talent, artifact and weapon materials.

Me and the boys after fighting Electro Hypostatis.

If you find all of the things I mentioned interesting, go ahead and give this game a try. You can easily grind AR 1 to AR 40 if you have the time. Which I don’t because I have a full time job and a cat to feed and take care of. I just managed by doing the daily commissions, weekly bosses and weekly reputation.

The developers are continually adding stuff to this game. But since it seems to have a long ass story, it might take a couple of years before this is completed. Not too late for them to finally put in on Nintendo Switch!

Check their website here

Also, a note. So far, I think you can play your save from your phone to your PC and vice versa, as long as you link your email address to MiHoYo. Which I don’t intend on doing because security.

That is it for now. Back to work I go!

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