Game Review

Game Review- Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Game: Animal Crossing : New Horizons

Developed by: Nintendo

Genre: Life Simulation, Family Game

Available on: Nintendo Switch

Price: USD $59.99

I received a copy of this game from my fiancé as a gift for our 10th Anniversary. Thank you Hon!

Hello guys! Welcome to a new game review. You might be thinking, “Seriously? You’re reviewing Animal Crossing?” Well, yes. I have never played any of the games in the Animal Crossing series. When we first got our Game Boy Advance (we meaning me and my cousins) we used to play Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town. Yes, we play it alternately. So, when le fiancé suggested that I choose Animal Crossing instead of Story of Seasons, I gave in. Yes, Story of Seasons is quite nostalgic but I want to try something new. And here we are.

The first thing I noticed that was different from Harvest Moon was the time in game. Here in Animal Crossing, the time syncs with the time in the real world. Which is honestly helping me to avoid playing the game continuously, which I did when I was playing Harvest Moon. One season in one day? Yes! The only issue I had with it was that, I kept missing Daisy Mae. I usually play around 2pm or at night after work. And no, I will not time travel. Nope, I feel like I will lose the entire experience if I do that.

Photo courtesy of Fandom

As for the gameplay, I am enjoying it. I love how I have the ability to choose which villagers I want, where I want their houses and other buildings to be. At the moment of writing, I am still trying to reach 3 stars, so that KK Slider will have a concert on our island. I am not rushing but I have to say that I’m excited to terraform.

I’m also letting le fiancé play on my island since he isn’t interested to buy himself an NS. So, far he said he is liking it too but he is only interested to save bells and not talk to villagers. I have to go and scold him for ignoring Sylvana when she tried to talk to him.

This is le fiance’s house.

I have to say that playing Animal Crossing made it hard for me to focus on other stuff like reading and practicing digital art. I need to really sort out my priorities.

If you haven’t played Animal Crossing: New Horizons, give it a try. There is a reason why a ton of people like this game.

This is more of me sharing things to you than an actual game review. I hope you still like it. I’m hoping to finally play and review Little Nightmares before the new one comes, but my friend borrowed it and I’m not sure when I’ll see him.

Thank you so much for reading. A new book review will be up this weekend. So, talk to you then!

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