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Book Review- Love & Luck

Book: Love & Luck by Jenna Evans Welch (Love & Gelato #2)

Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Young Adult, Travel, Realistic Fiction, Family

Date of Publication: May 8, 2018

Hello! Finally a book review! I finished reading this last Sunday but I was too lazy to write a book review on my day off, so yes, this is a week late. Sorry.

I was looking forward to reading this book since I really enjoyed Love & Gelato when I read it back in 2018. Why did I took so long to finally read the second one? Well, I couldn’t find a damn copy of it. I finally saw one on sale at National Bookstore last December, so of course, I grabbed it. $5 for a hardbound book? Deal!

Speaking of Love & Gelato, you can read my full book review of it here. So that you can have some context in regards to my thoughts comparing the books. Ok, let us now jump to what this book is about.

Addie is visiting Ireland for her aunt’s over-the-top destination wedding and hoping she can stop thinking about the one horrible thing that left her miserable and heartbroken—and threatens her future. But her brother, Ian, isn’t about to let her forget, and his constant needling leads to arguments and even a fistfight between the two once-inseparable siblings.

But when Addie discovers an unusual guidebook, Ireland for the Heartbroken, hidden in the dusty shelves of the hotel library, she’s finally able to escape her anxious mind—and Ian’s criticism.

And then their travel plans change. Suddenly Addie finds herself on a whirlwind tour of the Emerald Isle, trapped in the world’s smallest vehicle with Ian and his admittedly cute Irish-accented friend Rowan. As the trio journeys over breathtaking green hills, past countless castles, and through a number of fairy-tale forests, Addie hopes her guidebook will heal not only her broken heart, but also her shattered relationship with her brother.

That is, if they don’t get completely lost along the way. Goodreads

To be honest, I am not that into Ireland before I started reading this book. When I started reading this, I was hoping that what I felt while reading about Lina in Italy will also happen while I am reading about Addie in Ireland. Sadly, that didn’t happened. If Lina managed to changed my opinions in regards to teens being portrayed in YA books, Addie completely obliterates it. Addie is stupid, aggressive and hot headed. She kept on blaming Ian for some of her actions because he is “being annoying” even though it was her own short temper that caused her to burst out. If Lina is mature, Addie is the complete opposite. I care more about Ian and Rowan more than her.

Now for the story. It started with Addie fighting with her older brother Ian. The fight was all about Addie’s ex and Ian’s team mate, Cubby. And they spent almost half of the book bickering at each other. I’m not that familiar with sibling fights since I’m an only child, but if it was like what the book described, I’m glad I don’t have to deal with any siblings. The real reason for Addie and Cubby’s break up (and the cause of tension between Ian and her) wasn’t mentioned until almost the end of the book. I wished it was mentioned a bit earlier. It made me feel like I was trying to understand someone else’s problem whiles not knowing any details. Addie’s issue was so cliché that it wasn’t even given a proper conclusion. It was like, “Now you know what happened and since this happens a ton, I know you know what will happen next so I won’t elaborate further.” Good thing that I found Ian and Rowan’s road trip plan and the guidebook parts, quite amusing or I might have DNF this one.

Yes, there are short chapters in the book that are from the  Ireland for the Heartbroken, the guidebook that Addie was using. Because of those chapters, I am now completely curious about Ireland and the places mentioned in that guidebook. I even thought that this book would be good even if you remove Addie and the author just focuses on Rowan’s heartbreak instead (and Ian’s road trip plan) . That was more interesting than Addie’s drama. Can you tell how much I dislike Addie?

I give this book a 3 out of 5 stars. Yes, this is me being generous. Also because I really like some parts of this book and as it progresses, my brain decided to ignore Addie and just read and enjoy the book. Also, 3 stars is for Lina and Ren’s cameo! I better reread Love & Gelato soon.

Quotes from the Book

Contrary to popular belief, getting over someone is not a one-time deal.

A good friend is like a four-leaf clover. Hard to find, lucky to have.

That is it for now. What do you think of this book? As for me, I am now in the hunt for the third book. That one is set in Greece and I’m looking forward to reading it.

Thank you so much for reading. I’m sorry for the ranting. I’ll talk to you again next week!

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