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Game Review- LEGO Harry Potter Collection

Game: LEGO Harry Potter Collection

Developed by: TT Games

Genre: Adventure, Action

Available on: Nintendo Switch

Price: $ 44.99 (at the time of writing, this game is on sale at the Nintendo eShop for only $12.49)

Hello there! Long time no game review! I recently bought myself a digital copy of this game (its on sale) and since we (my friends and I) are back in our Harry Potter fan mode ever since the NCR Plus Lockdown, I decided to play this game a bit. And oh, boy! This game made me dizzy.

Basically, the gist of the game is that you are relieving the whole Harry Potter story and the world created by Rowling but with some minor changes and sprinkled with a bit of funny humor. You are free to roam, at least in the first one, which will satisfy your thirst for adventure and magic. There is of course, the main story that you have to follow. If you are a Harry Potter fan, meeting the characters in their LEGO form is quite funny and satisfying at the same time. You can participate in lessons such as that goddamn flying lessons, spells and potions class. Destroying anything you can destroy using your spells is also quite satisfying.

So, what made me dizzy?

No, its not the camera like that motion sickness I suffered when I first played Uncharted. I puked a ton because of that game. In this game, it was the puzzles. If you know me, I hate puzzles. I enjoy FPS, MOBA, life simulations, stealth and horror games. Yes, I get dizzy a lot, but at least I am enjoying myself. But puzzles? I am bad at puzzles. That is the only reason why I haven’t finished playing God of War 3. And I honestly didn’t expect that there will be puzzles in this game.

This is what I get for buying a game on impulse instead of reading reviews first before I do so.

At first I thought ( I am wishing at this point) that the puzzles are just, you know, a one or two time thing. Nah, puzzles are in every part. There are a lot of easy ones but there are some wherein I got stuck. One example is that puzzle in The Restricted Section. I was looking for the final ingredient for the potion. It took me about 30 minutes before I gave in and I finally looked for a walkthrough. I felt like a noob.

And I am only on Year 1. Send help.

Overall, this is an entertaining game. If you like puzzles, go wild! Give this game a try, especially now that its on sale (as of April. 07,2021). I still need to finish YEAR 1. By the time you read this, maybe I’ve already finished it. I will update my thoughts on this game the moment I finish all of it. When is that? I am not sure but I will at least promise that I will finish the game before 2021 ends.

There you go. If you also need a guide for this game, this is what I used:

Good luck! And don’t forget to enjoy the game.

Now, back to work for me. Keep safe.

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