Monthly Favorites

Here We Go Again

Oh hello there!

Time for my monthly favorites post. Sadly, I don’t have any book favorites this month. You can read my A Random Reading Update blog post for more information about that.

This month is one hell of a roller-coaster of emotions and stress. But here are some of the things and people that made my month a bit better.


I rediscovered my love for this band back during my shark week. I forgot how much I love their songs and singing some of my old (and new ones) favorites out loud helped me with my anxiety attacks.

Lucie Fink

Jumping to one of my old favorites. I remember discovering Lucie two years ago when I saw her eating pizza video on Refinery29. I remember that started my love of watching her 5 Days of Lucie challenges. I stopped watching her last year, I can’t really recall why. At the beginning of this month, YouTube recommended one of her new videos on her own channel. It was fun watching her again and I am loving her videos lately,especialy this one. Go check her out!

Shrek Movies

Ok, My fiancé and I recently found out that the Shrek movies are now complete on Netflix. yes, we binge watched it in one day and it was really fun. And yes, I will binge watch it again soon. ugh, I just love those movies.

Haunted: Latin America

I am honestly not expecting that this Netflix Reality series would make it to my favorite list. We watched it last Easter Sunday and I still can remember every details of each episodes. They are not exactly scary but something about how each episodes are being told by the actual person who experienced it really makes it memorable for me. It reminds me of when my folks used to tell us their own scary experiences. Especially my Grandpa and the scary things he saw during World War II when he was a young child.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fishing Tournament

The last fishing tournament was my first, and probably my last, time to participate in. I love fishing on ACNH. It was actually my go to activity but crafting fish baits really sucked all my patience. I would love to do it again, only if Nintendo would do something about the crafting multiple things at once.

Call of Duty: Mobile

It all started when I created a new Garena account for work, then I remembered this game exists on mobile. I am genuinely surprised that I will like this game. I thought I am way past my love for FPS games, but I guess I was wrong. I had to adjust to using a touchscreen instead of a controller but overall, it was fun. I liked that I can play both Ranked and Multiplayer easily since connecting to other players is a breeze. And I can do it while sitting on the toilet (sorry for the visual) Compare that to Mobile Legends wherein I have to wait a lot just to connect to other players. Again, my patience is really thin this month and I am glad that I can play games like this. I have yet to try the Battle Royale.

That is it for April! I am wishing for a better May 2021 for me and everyone who might had a bad April.

We can do this!

I’ll talk to you soon! Keep safe!

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