Hello there! I had one of the most stressful month as of 2021. So far, everything is going fine, except that at the moment of writing this blog post, we still don’t have any internet connection at home. Curse you, PLDT! We are still living on the usual slow 4G data.

But enough about the annoying internet connection. Let’s talk about the stuff that made my May a bit better.

WorlDrive App

I had some of the worst anxiety attack I had before we started the move. And this app really helped me a ton in the beginning till mid May. I still want to use this but sadly, this app needs internet connection and I am trying to use all my data for work. I will explain more about this app on my anxiety related post.

Tap Tap Dash

This one is a simple mobile game that also helped me during my anxiety attack. This one can be used offline and I’ve been using this a lot lately. Again, like the previous app, I will explain more about this app on my anxiety related post.

Anything Goes by Emma Chamberlain

This is one of the podcast that I recently started listening to. This is just Emma sharing her thoughts and opinions about random topics that caught her interest. It was really entertaining but I don’t think Emma’s POV is not for everyone. You can try and take a listen to it on Spotify if you are curious.

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

Are you surprised that I added this book to this month’s favorites? Don’t worry, I am too. This book really helped me get out of the reading slump thus the reason why this is here. I’ve already posted a full book review for this one, you can read it here.

Resident Evil 8 Village Livestreams by Pewdiepie

I still have to watch the last two livestreams, but I was really looking forward to this game. Sadly, some scenes in this game only reminds me of the scenes from the previous Resident Evil game. Still, it was entertaining to watch since I am not planning to play the game. You can watch the Pewd’s first livestream here:

That is it for this month. How about you? How’s your May? I hope it was fun.

Time to go back to work, talk to you soon!