August is one anxiety filled month for me. I was (still is) a big bundle of anxiousness the past month that I am wishing that my birthday month would be a tad nicer to me.

The anxiousness affected my reading habits, also because I hated that last book I read. Here is my full thoughts to it if you are interested:

Good thing, I wrote down some of the things that made my August, a bit better.

Downton Abbey

Netflix Philippines added Downton Abbey last August, so of course, I decided to watch it. I am still on season one but so far I found it quite entertaining.

Bailey Sairan

I recently discovered Bailey Sairan thanks to le fiancé. I was watching her Murder, Mystery & Makeup series and her Dark History podcast this August. I still have a ton to watch and I am looking forward to watching those on my day off. So, if you are into murder, mystery and the dark sides of history, try and watch her content.

The Book Leo

Another YouTuber but this time a booktuber. YouTube recommended Leonie to me around mid-August. After failing to like a couple of booktubers, I was actually not looking forward to watching her. I am glad I gave her a watch! I am now alternating her and Bailey (depends on the mood) and I am glad to add a booktuber to my YouTube subscriptions.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Music

I almost forgot. This is my go to anxiety calming music at the moment. I am honestly not sure why my brain instantly feels a bit peppier every time I hear the ACNH music.

Immortal Fenyx Rising Athena Story Quest

I finally decided to go ahead and finish Athena’s Story Quest. It was fun but I have to say that I enjoyed Aphrodite’s Vault puzzles more than Athena’s. I think it was too simple. At the moment, I am roaming around Ares region.

There you go! Hopefully this month I would have a book favorite. Or maybe a series favorite since I am planning to read Muse of Nightmares by Laini Taylor.

What about you? What made August bearable for you?

Talk to you soon!