Book: An Unfinished Story by Boo Walker

Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Adult Fiction

Date of Publication: August 4, 2020

One of the bad habits I am trying to change this year is the habit of buying books (any format) and then letting it sit on my TBR shelf for a couple of years without reading it. This book is actually one of the victims of said bad habit. I bought this book, I think April 2021, and then I completely forgot about it.

In the midst of me hating the last book I read, I decided to check my Kindle App and look for any book that can save my sanity. And yes, this is the book I chose. Before I continue, this is what this book is about:

A grieving widow and a disenchanted writer form an unexpected bond in a novel about second chances and finding the courage to let go of the past.

It’s been three years since Claire Kite lost her husband, David, an aspiring novelist, in a tragic car accident. Claire finally finds the courage to move on; then she discovers among the remnants of her shattered world her husband’s last manuscript. It’s intimate, stirring—and unfinished. An idea comes to her…What if she can find someone to give David’s novel the ending it deserves?

Whitaker Grant is famous for his one and only bestselling novel—a masterpiece that became a hit film. But after being crippled by the pressure of success and his failed marriage, Whitaker retreated from the public eye in his native St. Petersburg, Florida. Years later, he’s struggling through a deep midlife crisis. Until he receives an intriguing request from a lonely widow. To honor David’s story, Whitaker must understand, heart and soul, the man who wrote it and the woman he left behind.

There’s more to the novel than anyone dreamed. Something personal. Something true. Maybe, in bringing a chapter of David’s life to a close, Claire and Whitaker can find hope for a new beginning. Goodreads

When I began reading this book, I’ve completely forgotten what it’s about. I fought the urge to read the blurb on Goodreads and decided to go in clueless. I just decided that ok, I will focus on what this “unfinished story” is. I think it was a good decision because this book has such a slow start. It took about 40% of the book before anything interesting related to the “unfinished story” happened. The first few chapters are dedicated to getting to the two protagonist; Clare and Whitaker. The middle is somewhat focused on the “unfinished story” and their “flirting”, if you even call it that. And the end of the book is about the reason behind the “unfinished story”. There is no twist, at least for me since I managed to predict what will happen. So, it was no surprise.

Besides from the “unfinished story” ,which is part of Claire’s character arc. The book also talks about Claire’s moving on process, which involves finally getting back to the things she enjoyed, exploring new things, and finding out more about her husband, three years after he died. Despite me not liking Claire, because I found her too annoying and selfish. I can at least understand her attempts on moving on.

There are multiple scenes wherein I am just too annoyed at Claire and I just want to either stop reading this book for awhile or maybe completely DNFing it. But I am too curious about what will happen to the “unfinished story” and Claire.

Now, let’s talk about Whitaker’s arc. I actually was more interested at his story at the beginning. A famous author, who disappeared and stopped writing after his divorce. I want to know what will happen to him after the “unfinished story” landed on his lap. Sadly, I had high hopes, and Whitaker, in the end, didn’t quite reach it. It felt like he is still that guy in the beginning of the story. Nothing much changed and if he is a real person I can see him falling down that slump he had if he is not careful.

One of the part that I found really interesting is the book’s focus around the last 25% of the book. I don’t want to elaborate further since I might cross the spoilers territory. But for me, those last parts is what I found quite interesting and heartbreaking.

Overall, I give this book a 3 out of 5 stars. The story behind the “unfinished story” was a bit predictable but I was still entertained by it. I only had a problem with Claire and Whitaker’s POVs. When the story started to have chapters with these two together, I can’t tell them apart. There are times when I felt like I was just reading from one POV.

If the blurb above sound interesting for you, give it a read.

Quotes from the Book

“No, I’m not going to tell you time heals all. The one thing I know for sure, Claire, is that life demands that we get back up and keep fighting, no matter how badly we’ve been knocked down. I’m going down swinging.”

“That was life. We had to put on our best happy face, close the door on all the troubles that do their best to pull us down, and somehow pretend that everything was all right.”

“We are the sum of our choices, Whit. All the little choices we make as humans create who we are.”

“Well, I’d say the best way to relearn how to smile is to surround yourself with happy people.”

“We all needed that selfless person, someone willing to jump into our own darkness and drag us out of it—even when they get nothing in return.”

That is it for now. I am still debating what book I should read next. We will see.

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll talk to you again next week!