Book: The Twelve Wishes of Christmas by Ruby Basu

Genre: Romance, Contemporary, Adult Fiction, Holiday

Date of Publication: October 13, 2021

Thank you to Netgalley for sending me an arc in exchange for an honest review.

Another day, another romantic, Christmas themed book. I am not complaining though. I am in one of my depressive slumps and reading this book helped me escape reality even for a short while. Before I continue with my thoughts about this book, here is what its about:

“When Sharmila discovers her late friend, Thomas, has gifted her the holiday of her dreams, she can’t pack her bags fast enough. Arriving in Pineford, it’s everything she’d ever hoped for and more.

But she’s in for another surprise, because Thomas has left her with one last request: if she completes his Christmas wish list of festive activities, her chosen charity will receive a big donation. Or so Sharmila thinks.

…He’s there to reclaim his family’s legacy

Little does she know, she’s set to inherit Thomas’s estate too, much to his nephew Zach’s disbelief. Determined not to see his family’s legacy left to a stranger, he’s come to Pineford to do whatever it takes to stop Sharmila from fulfilling that list.

When Sharmila and Zach meet, neither are prepared for sparks to fly. For Sharmila’s sworn off love, and Zach doesn’t trust her. But with every passing wish they find themselves growing closer. And amongst the twinkling town lights and fallen snow, Sharmila can feel her heart opening up to Zach. But when she learns he’s been keeping a secret from her, can Sharmila forgive him and get the happy-ever-after she’s always wished for this Christmas? ” Goodreads

This is one of those cliché, romantic, Christmas themed stories that we all know well how it usually ends. But I am here for it. I was looking for a new book in this genre and I am actually glad this book gave me what I want.

The story progression is steady but often times slow, since each chapter is showing the reader all the holiday related stuff that Sharmila is doing in order to finish the Christmas wish list that Thomas left her. If you are looking for the Christmas vibes, this book has so many Christmas vibes.

Despite me knowing well, what will happen to Sharmila and Zach in the end of the book. I still found my self eagerly reading for their next interaction per chapter. Well, that is one of the reason why I read the book in the first place. I was kept wanting more from the both of them and was excited to see what will happen in the story and the conflict that was quite obvious. I was actually glad that the conflict wasn’t resolve in an instant, at least in their timeline. The author gave both characters some breathing room after the issue was revealed. Enough time I think to let people think things through. I really appreciated that since one of the issues I had with one of the books I read was that instant solution to the problem. (Looking at you Spanish Love Deception)

One aspect of this book that I like was in regards to losing someone. I felt I related to that heavily and I am glad that I have an anchor. (If you read this book, you’ll know)

Now for the characters. There are a lot of people mentioned in this book besides our two main characters. Sadly, I didn’t have any favorites. Even our two protagonist sounded a bit bland when separated from each other. Which is not good in my opinion. There are times that I am confusing Sharmila with Penny or Zach with Lucas. Each characters have a similar tone to each other that there are chapters that managed to confused me especially if the four of them are in that chapter. Even now, I can’t think of anything worth remembering about Sharmila and Zach as individuals.

Overall, I am giving this book a 3 out of 5 stars. This have enough Christmas vibes and romance for me. Not too much that it will make me cringe. I just hope that the characters are more memorable or has flaws in them to make them more memorable. If you are looking for that holiday book that is a breeze to read, give this book a try. I am honestly planning to reread this around Christmas because I just love the vibes. I hope I get to find a physical copy!

That is it! I promise this is the last Christmas themed book review…for now. I am planning to finish Frankenstein this weekend (which I am excited to go back to reading). I am still not sure which book I will read next.

Thank you so much for reading! As always, keep safe and I’ll talk to you again next week!