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Anime Chat- Demon Slayer

Anime: Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Genre: Adventure, Dark Fantasy, Martial Arts

Episodes:  Season One- 24 episodes, One movie

Original run: April 6, 2019 – present

Where to watch: Netflix

After a long time of resisting and avoiding this anime, I finally decided to watch this last week. Like that time I watched Rimuru’s anime, I was bullied by le fiance and my cousin to watch this.

I think all of you are already familiar with what this anime is about. But, for those like me who are hiding under a huge rock lately, this anime is about a teen who is working as a demon slayer, hence the title. The story takes place during Japan’s Taisho Era. The protagonist is named Tanjiro. While he was away, his family was massacred by a demon. All except his sister Nezuko. Nezuko was turned into a demon, instead of killing her, Tajiro decided to go and look for a cure for Nezuko’s demon curse. The audience will then follow the siblings as they try and look for a cure and kill the demon responsible for killing their family.

To be honest. I didn’t see anything special with this story. It was a basic plot, nothing really different or mind-blowing. I actually kept feeling that I watched or read something with a similar plot in the past although I can’t remember exactly what that is.

Even the funny parts felt a bit too similar to the animes I watched when I was younger. It was still entertaining to watch. I really enjoyed the trio’s dynamics as the episodes goes on. And I am planning to watch season 2. I’m not that eager but I at least am willing to watch it.

I hope there is some major twist in the story as it progresses. Something that can make the story from basic to something a bit more awesome. If you read the manga, please give me a hint if there is such a thing. Thank you!

If you’re looking for something entertaining and easy to watch. Watch this.

I also just recently finished watching Demon Slayer: Mugen Train. It was fine and an entertaining watch. Sadly, the twist was spoiled to me by le fiance. Still worth the watch though.

This is probably the shortest anime review I’ve posted. I just have to be honest, I can’t think of anything else to say about this anime. Inosuke is funny though.

Thank you so much for reading. I’ll talk to you soon!