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So, You Don’t Like Reading?

Don’t worry. I am not here to suggest books so that I can convert you from a regular person to a regular person who enjoys reading books. I am not good at doing that.

Before I continue, welcome to this week’s Top Ten TuesdayTop Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

The prompt for this week is all about the books I would hand someone who claims to not like reading. Since, I don’t personally know you, my dear reader of this blog post. I don’t really know what I can suggest to you. Instead, I will just share with you the things you should consider if ever, one day, you thought of maybe picking up a book.


What genre do you like the most or at least enjoy? Are you a person that loves a fast-paced, adventure-filled story? Or maybe you like romantic stories? Something that will make you smile and feel giddy? These are some of the things I ask my friends every time they ask me about books I can recommend. If you can’t think of a genre, observe the other forms of entertainment you do enjoy in your free time. What kind of movies do you often watch? What kind of games do you usually enjoy? What type of series do you usually binge on? Using that information, you can finally start the search for the book to read.

Go with what you like

Take your time looking for that book that might catch your attention. It doesn’t have to be a thick ass novel. It can be a comic book, a manga. Maybe a short story or non-fiction. You can go for new releases or maybe check the backlisted books. You can even judge the book by its cover. Le fiance likes doing that and he usually ended up liking the books he judged based on the cover. Just do you. Pick that book that genuinely caught your attention, then read the hell out of it.

Take your time

Or just take your time reading the book. You don’t have to finish said book in one sitting. (Well, if you did, that’s good!) Take all the time you need to read it. Enjoy it. Also, don’t be afraid to DNF (did not finish) the book you picked. Stop reading the book, if you happen to not like it and look for a new read. There is nothing wrong with abandoning a book if you don’t enjoy reading it. Your time is valuable, the book won’t bite you if you stop reading it. You can always go back to reading it in the future. Maybe that time you will appreciate it. Or just let it go and move on completely.


If you already know what books you enjoy reading. Maybe now is the time to experiment. Try a different book format. Maybe you will like reading a digital book. It’ll be easier to carry around since you can install an ebook reader on your phone. Or maybe you usually have some mindless task on your to-do list? You can try listening to audiobooks. Or why not be like me? Do a combination of all of those.

You don’t have to commit to long subscriptions. Audible and Scribd has free 30 days trial for new users, so try some audiobooks and see if listening is something that you will enjoy. If not, just cancel the subscription before it renews. I think Comixology has a free trial for those who like comic books and manga. The last time I checked, Comixology Unlimted is only available to US residents, so, I can’t really recommend it. As for ebooks, just download the Amazon Kindle app. I’m not really sure if they still offer the free trial for Kindle Unlimited, but if there is, try it. The Kindle Unlimited subscription has a limited selection but there are some good ones mixed in there. There are also some free books, usually the classics, so download and read all you can.

If you’re lucky and you live in a country that has a good library, go and borrow some books there. You don’t have to buy a copy if you can borrow one from a friend (who owns the book you want to read) or the library!

There you go! If you really want to get some recommendations from me. First of all, why? Secondly, I have some in mind, feel free to check it out.

  • Manga- Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-kun by Tsubaki Izumi-Genre:Romantic Comedy, Slice of Life
  • Book- Well Met by Jen DeLuca- Contemporary Romance
  • Manga- Uzumaki by Junji Ito- Genre: Horror fiction
  • Short Story- The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman- Genre: horror fiction
  • Novella- The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery- Genre: Fable, Speculative Fiction
  • Novel- Kafka on the Shore by Haruki Murakami- Genre:Fantasy Fiction, Magical Realism
  • Tagalog book- ABNKKBSNPLako!? by Bob Ong- Genre: Humor, Autobiography

Thank you so much for reading! Talk to you soon!

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  1. I’m doing a lot of experimenting these days. Also, putting down books I don’t vibe with down for a bit and focusing on amazing reads. Still gonna roast those books later but I can’t afford getting another slump. Great post!


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