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Game Review- Time Princess

Game: Time Princess

Developed by: I Got Games

Genre: dress-up game, butterfly effect game, gacha game

Available on: iOS and Android

Long time, no game review! I mentioned in one of my recent blog posts that I am in the mood to play a lot this past October. I didn’t really buy any new games as of late. Instead, I replayed those old games that I used to play on PS4 and mobile. One of those games is Time Princess.

You know how bad I am at explaining things. So, instead, here is the game trailer.

Ok. That trailer didn’t really explain anything. Basically, you are this girl who can enter a story, be it fictional or historical, and experience said story in the shoes of the female protagonist of that story. You have control over how and where the story will take you. And you can completely change everything. Like when I played Marie Antoinette’s story. I chose to change how the French perceived her by completely changing her “personality” based on how she reacts, converse, and decides on any given situation. That decision led me to, I think, a good ending.

The book Queen Marie

Sounds interesting right? Now, where does the whole dress-up part come into play? Well, you need to dress up your character based on the clothes needed for that level. You don’t really need to achieve the Perfect score if, like me, all you want is to progress in the story.

At least, that is what I did when I played Marie Antoinette’s story. That really doesn’t work that much when you want to collect all those clothes. Since most of the blueprint needed to complete a set can be gained by reaching a Perfect score on a particular level. And oh boy, it can get tedious.

Another hurdle I noticed, and I am currently having a hard time is the whole companion leveling. There are a couple of companions per story. Those people can help you to reach a particular ending you like. You have to talk to these companions and give them gifts. These gifts can be crafted. Repeatedly tapping on that goddamn crafting gift is really annoying me at the moment.

Why not ignore those companions? You can’t. There are levels where you can only enter if you reached a certain level with a certain companion. This is making me cry.

The Companions

The good thing is, there are some mini-games within this game that can keep you entertained during those days that you are stuck on a certain level.

At the time of writing, the game currently has 16 books for the Main Stories and 9 books that are Side Stories. I think you have to start with Queen Marie’s (Marie Antoinette) story since that is the easiest.

I can recommend this to anyone interested to play something like a visual novel game. If you also like fashion, crafting clothes and such, you might also enjoy this one.

That is it! I am really liking this game and even added this to the games I rotate on a daily. You know, do commissions on Genshin Impact, do the dailies on Animal Crossing, open this game to play some mini-games and progress a bit, then proceed to play Immortal Fenyx Rising or The Last of Us. Don’t worry, I still have time to “touch some grass”. I am good at time management people.

Anyway, thank you so much for reading this game review. I’m not sure if this helped you, but oh well.

Talk to you soon!

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