Game Review

Game Review- Rise of Cultures

Game: Rise of Cultures

Developed by: InnoGames

Genre: strategy, building game, multiplayer

Available on: Android and iOS

Yes, another game review. What can I say, I am in such a gaming mood.

This is another mobile game. This time, we are going to experience the different cultures and mankind’s history. As usual, here is the game trailer.

You basically start at the Stone Age. After putting down your City Hall, you will then proceed to build farms and houses for your people. Houses will give you coins and farms will give you food. Both are necessary in order for you to build more farms, houses, workshops and of course barracks. You will also need to research new technologies to help your people advance to the next age.

Last technology to research for the Minoan Era

As you steadily grow and move your community to a new age, you will need to expand your land. These land expansions are available on the campaign map where you need to scout and fight enemy troops in order to gain those land expansions and some other rewards.

Campaign map

Fighting the enemy troops requires some strategy. You can just drop your troops randomly, but there are times that a good strategy is needed. Your commanders have some special skills to help you win but without a good strategy, those skills are useless. I remember losing a couple of times because my dumb ass didn’t place my troops in the right area. And I sometimes place the skills in the wrong area as well.

Battle map with the three commanders on the left side of the screen featuring their respective skills.

The game also has this Alliance system, a place where you can ask your alliance members for help in regards to research points for your World Wonders, or maybe trade some goods that can help you level up your buildings or your technologies. Being in an alliance also opens the whole treasure hunt thing. A place where you fight pirates and gain some resources. Or if you’re like me, and you would rather use your troops for the campaign instead, just donate your compasses so that your alliance members can hunt more treasures.

This game also has some limited-time events like last Halloween and that Albert Einstein event.

Overall, this game is easy to play. The controls are good, graphics look clean. And the in-game progression was decent. If you really want to grind things, so that you can move ages faster, you can. But, I play this casually, so I am happy with my game progression. There is no rush. Well, I am slightly feeling pressured to progress since at the time of writing this game review, the other members of our alliance are on Classic Greece and I am still in the Minoan Era. (Stupid Papyrus)

Me at rank 8 on our alliance

If anything I mentioned sounds interesting to you, go give this game a try.

There you go! Do you know any games similar to this? I really would love to play more games like this, so please do leave some suggestions in the comments section. Mobile games would be preferable.

Thank you so much for reading this game review.

I’m not sure when I’ll post a new book review since I am under a deep reading slump again. I was hoping to finish Frankenstein last week but playing Animal Crossing sounded way more interesting than reading.

Time for me to go. I’ll talk to you soon!