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Movie Check- All the Bright Places

Movie title: All the Bright Places

Genre: Drama, Romance

Initial release: February 28, 2020

Where to watch: Netflix

I am aware that this movie is based on a book. I am always trying to buy myself a copy of the book version but le fiance won’t let me. If you’re familiar with the story, yes, he is afraid that the book might trigger something in me or that I might get some “unwanted” ideas.

Since le fiance won’t let me read the book. I decided to watch the movie instead.

For those of you who don’t know, this is what this movie is about:

The story of Violet (Elle Fanning)and Theodore (Justice Smith), who meet and change each other’s lives forever. As they struggle with the emotional and physical scars of their past, they discover that even the smallest places and moments can mean something. IMDb

Well, that was a dull movie blurb.

Moving on to my thoughts.

To be honest, I was expecting more from this movie. Before I sat down to watch it. I prepared myself for a good cry. This movie only managed to make me feel sad.

Watching this made me feel lost for at least a good 40 minutes. I understood what is going on with Violet but I was really confused as to what is Finch’s motive. This movie made me feel like there is more to him but the producers and the director decided not to add any sort of depth, just because. Because of those things that I felt were missing at the beginning of the story, I didn’t even believe it when they kissed. Finch didn’t feel like someone who wants to help Violet, he felt more like a stalker.

Yes, I didn’t believe the romance part. I was hoping for that same feeling I had when Landon and Jamie had their first kiss. Ok. I shouldn’t compare this to A Walk to Remember but you got my point…I hope.

Then, just when the movie finally started to show the things about Finch, it just ends. That was it.

I don’t have any favorite characters either since every single character in this movie felt hollow to me. Even Violet and Finch. Just to make things clear. I like the actors, I have a problem with the characters that they are portraying.

Overall, this is an ok movie. I will not watch it again. What I will do though is go and read the book. Hopefully, my ranting to le fiance about how much this movie disappointed me would help him finally agree and let me finally buy the book.

What about you? What do you think of this movie?

I was about to ask you guys if you think reading the book is way better. But I know the answer. I bet that it is.

Anyway, sorry for this short rant review. I just finished watching the movie as I was typing this and I am finding it hard to shake off the disappointment.

Thank you so much for reading this review. I will talk to you again this Saturday for a book review.

Until then, keep safe, Wash those hands. Bye!

3 thoughts on “Movie Check- All the Bright Places

  1. The movie was great, it will make you sad but the book will make you cry! The writing style and some quotes in the book are beautiful! But if your fiance allows you then do read it!


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