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Anime Chat- Bloom Into You

Anime: Bloom Into You

Genre: Yuri, Romance

Original Run: October 5, 2018 – December 28, 2018

Where to watch: Netflix

To be honest. I’m not really sure what to say about this anime.

Before I continue, this is what this anime series is about:

High school student Yuu Koito looks to Touko Nanami of the student council for advice on how to turn down dates when she learns they both have no interest in relationships, but that begins to change when Touko reveals she has feelings for Yuu.

The Story and Characters

This anime has romance in it but for some reason, I am not interested in it. I was more interested in the whole thing regarding Touka and her goal to be like her sister. That was the only thing that kept me from just abandoning the series. I was genuinely curious about what will happen to Touka and when she will realize that it is ok to be her true self. And… it didn’t reach that point. Even that whole play that I thought would give some significant change to Touka as a character was just meh.

As for the romance part, it was just about two selfish people. One who was most likely driven by loneliness and the other who’s still trying to figure out her sexuality. Both Yuu and Touka have depth but I am just not interested to see them together. I found their interactions boring and the things they are talking about repetitive. There is nothing new that was being added to it. And that boring relationship is one of the main points of this series. (The other is about the Touka and sister thing)

I think I would have liked this anime more if Touka ended up realizing that she is in love with Saeki and not Yuu. But I don’t really care anymore. Also, Saeki deserves someone way better than Touka. If you want to know what love is like, just take a look at Saeki, then you’ll know.

Overall, interesting story but there not enough scenes that made this anime memorable.

The Art

One of the things that attracted me and made me decide to watch this anime was the art style. It was beautiful and easy on the eyes. And I like how smooth the animation is.

Final Thoughts

I think I am just too old for this anime. Maybe if I watched it back when I was in high school, just when I was discovering my own sexuality, I think I would have appreciated it more. But my 31-year-old ass was just plain bored with it.

The only positive thing I got from watching this anime was that I developed a genuine curiosity about aromantic and asexuals. I would love to read more and know more about it.

But if you’re into the yuri anime, give this one a try. Maybe you’ll like it.

After writing this review, I decided to read some other reviews. If you’re curious, the lowest rating was 8 stars out of 10. Now I am feeling more that this anime just ain’t for me.

What about you? What did you think about this anime? Is Yuu romantic?

There you go! Back to playing Animal Crossing for me.

Thank you so much for reading and I’ll talk to you again this Saturday.

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