Contact/Review Policy

Hi there!

This 2022, I am finally accepting review request, as long as it matches the genres on my list.

What are does genres?

  1. Horror Mystery
  2. Romance
  3. Adult Fiction
  4. Contemporary
  5. Historical Fiction
  6. Fantasy

Any genres not mentioned above would not be accepted.

Some things that I want you to know

I have a day job and other books to read, so if you are planning to send me a book review request, please know that you need to send it at least two months before its release date. 

Keep in mind that I DNF books if I don’t like them based on whatever reason I might find. And if I ever decided to post a review of it in this blog, there is a chance that the book review will include the things I disliked from your book. So, if you don’t like the idea of someone DNFing or giving your book some negative feedback, then I am sorry but refrain from requesting a review from me. 

Want to know if I DNF your book or if I finished it? Check my Goodreads. I update there regularly.

My Goodreads

If you are ok with the things I mentioned, and if your book matches the genres above, just send me an email in this FORMAT:




Release Date:

Preferred date for the review to be posted on my blog:

A short blurb about what your book is about.


  • eARC
  • finished ebook
  • finished pdf

Send to:

Subject: Book Review Request/genre of your book

That is it! Keep creating! And keep safe!

Thank you, and have a great day!