Book Review- The Book Thief

Book: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak Genre: Historical Fiction, Young Adult Date of Publication: September 1, 2005 Before I begin, I want to confess some stuff to you guys. The first one is that I honestly didn't know that this is a YA book because if you know me, I rarely buy YA books unless they... Continue Reading →


Author’s Echo- Sophie Kinsella

Welcome to another Author’s Echo, where I share to you some of the quotes I liked from a particular author. This week I want to show you guys some of the quotes I liked from the book Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella. Here is the link to my review if you missed it: "It won't... Continue Reading →

Book Review- The Notebook

Book: The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks Genre: Romance fiction Date of Publication: October 1, 1996 This is one of those instances when I first watched the movie version before I read the book. I stumbled upon the movie version because of my Godmother. She forced me, literally, to watch this movie with her. I was... Continue Reading →

Book Review- Finding Audrey

Book: Finding Audrey by Sophie Kinsella Genre: Contemporary, Young Adult, Romance, Chick Lit, Fiction Date of Publication: June 9, 2015 Possible ranting ahead. Hello again! It has been a while since I wrote a book review. I decided on a few things which I will share to you on a different blog post but for... Continue Reading →

Author’s Echo- Angie Thomas

Hi guys! Welcome to another Author’s Echo, where I share to you some of the quotes I liked from a particular author! This week's focus is on Angie Thomas, the author of the book The Hate U Give (here is a link to my book review of it click me.) And oh boy! I found a lot... Continue Reading →

The Unexpected Hiatus

I am back! I stopped posting around the end of January 2019. I have a couple of reasons but I will not bore you with those. Starting this month, I will be back to posting once a week. Every Saturday. It will be random. So I hope you'll still like it! Thank you for reading!... Continue Reading →

Book Review- 56

Book: 56 by Bob Ong Genre: nonfiction This book review is written in Taglish. Ayon sa aking makakalimuting utak, ang last book na binasa ko na sinulat ni Bob Ong ay yung Si. Yun ang second favorite book ko after Stainless Longganisa. Ngayon mukhang nakita ko na yung pangatlo. Bago tayo dumiretso sa mismong review ko, tanong muna... Continue Reading →

Book Review- Origin

Book: Origin by Dan Brown (Robert Langdon series #5) Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Fiction Possible spoilers ahead. Photo used as featured image is from The first time I read this book, I DNFed it. Back then I was in such a major reading slump, to the point wherein I can't even finish a single chapter... Continue Reading →

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