Three Bookish Things Tag

Hi guys! Welcome to another book related tag. It has been awhile... well,not really. I was tagged by Bree of Bookishly Bree to do the Three Bookish Things Tag. Let's do this. Three Read Once and Loved Authors Let's see... Jane Austen- The first book I read by her is Persuasion, which is one of... Continue Reading →

The Romance Reader Book Tag

Hello guys! Welcome to another book related tag. I was tagged by Jon of Wander with Jon to do the Romance Reader Book Tag. Thank you so much for the tag Jon! Now, I have to admit that I tend to stay away from the romance genre when I was younger, but I do admit... Continue Reading →

20 Questions Book Tag

I am back with another tag! Hello guys! Happy Taco Tuesday. I saw this tag on Ffion's blog( Sepia Tinted Window) so I decided to do this. 1. How many books is too many books in a series? More than seven, I guess. 2. How do you feel about cliffhangers? I like cliffhangers. 3. Hardcopy... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Book Tag

Hello there guys! How's your week? Today, I am doing this book tag that I found on Fizah's blog, a hundred years ago. Please do check her blog out! She's awesome! Fizah of Books Tales by Me DO YOU GET SICK WHILE READING IN THE CAR? Sadly,yes. I remember reading a book once then vomitted... Continue Reading →

I Dare You! Book Tag

Taco Tuesday!!! Hello there guys. Another day, anothe tag I need to catch up to. I was tagged by not just one, but two lovely ladies! Lili of Lili's Blissful Pages and Fizah of Books Tales by Me Thank you so much both of you for tagging me, and I am sorry if I responded... Continue Reading →

Book Blogger Insider Tag

Hello there guys! Hello Tuesday! Today I am doing this tag that I saw from Danielle of The Introverted Booknerd last February. I wasn't tagged but I will still do it! Here we go! Rules: 1. Answer the questions below 2. Credit the creator Jamie @ALittleSliceofJamie 3. Tag at least 5 people 4. Have fun!... Continue Reading →

WWW Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Hello guys! Welcome to WWW Wednesday a meme hosted by Sam of Taking on a World of Words. The Three Ws are: What are you currently reading? This is my third John Green book, if Let it Snow counts. What did you recently finish reading? The first book in the Asylum trilogy. Here is the... Continue Reading →

Would You Rather Tag

Hello guys! How's your day? Today I decided to do a tag that I saw from For the Novel Lovers ages ago(Just kidding, I saw this last month). I also thought of posting the tags every Tuesday so that I can keep with the flow of things and also because I tend to do the... Continue Reading →

WWW Wednesday, 7 March 2018

While making this post I am singing random Disney songs. I am not sure why I told you that. Anyway, welcome to this week's WWW Wednesday meme which is hosted by Sam of Taking on a World of Words The Three Ws are: What are you currently reading? Yes, I am still reading A Feast... Continue Reading →

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